British Open 2019 Results released

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Cadets U18 Boys and Girls all categories

Womens Open -60kg/+60kg

Mens Open +80kg


U18 England vs USA / U18 Wales vs USA / U18 England vs Wales

Novice Mens & Womens all categories
Mens Open -70kg/-80kg

U18 Tri-Nations - Team England announced

U18 Team England Tri-Nations is:

  • Chloe Slocombe (Dunmow)

  • Ashley Black ( Crawley)

  • Rob Salvi (Crawley)

  • Luke Sabey (Saffron Walden)

  • James Baker (Saffron Walden)

  • Kartar Singh Cheema (Gravesend)

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Under 18s success at the 2nd KWU Youth European Tournament, Berlin Germany

On the 18-19th May, Ashley Black and Rhys Meredith from Crawley and Mountain Ash dojos respectively, represented the BKK as part of a unified Team GB alongside two members invited from the IKK (Callum Chapman and Harry Clemo), both regular England and GB squad training attendees.

[L-R] Back Row - Wai Cheung, Meidi Divash, Norman King, Andrew Turner, Alex Kerrigan, David Pickthall, Lia Howlett, Chris Davis

Front Row - Callum Chapman (IKK), Ashley Black, Rhys Meredith, Harry Clemo (IKK)

Both Ashley Black and Harry Clemo scored waza aris in their quarter final bouts to advance to the semi finals. Both lost out in the semi-finals to Russian national champions. There was more top level experience for Rhys Meredith and Callum Chapman who had tough bouts, and can feel pleased with their performances. Twenty seven countries took part and it was also great to have such a strong judging team from the UK.


Welsh Knockdown Championships 2019 registered fighters and tickets

Entries are coming in for this year’s Welsh Knockdown Championships hosted by BKK Wales.

See who’s in it to win it…

Entry closing date is 27th April ‘2019.

welsh open2018.jpg

Results for Pilatus 2019, Switzerland

U18 England and U18 Wales were represented by 23 competitors at this year’s Pilatus Cup in Kriens, Luzern, Switzerland, lead by Wales Head Coach Sensei Chris Davies, and England Head Coach Sensei Wai Cheung, and skills coaches Shihan Sunil Tailor and Senpai Gareth Jones.

Fantastic results, and great learning experiences for all involved.

Kata Girls 4th Kyu+

Holly Harvey - BKK Wales 1st place

Seren Harries - BKK Wales 2nd place

Katie Martin - BKK Wales 3rd place

Kyokushin Rules

Boys 11-13yrs (Lightweight)
Ashley Black BKK England 1st

Daniel Parsons BKK Wales 2nd place

Boys 11-13yrs (Heavyweight)
Rhys Meredith BKK Wales 1st

William Lawrence BKK Wales 2nd place

Boys 14-15yrs (Lightweight)

Luke Sabey BKK England 3rd place

Boys 14-15yrs (Heavyweight)
Ethan Hardwick BKK Wales 3rd place

Girls 14-15yrs (Heavyweight)
Mia Hawkins BKK England 2nd

Katie Martin BKK Wales 3rd place

Girls 16-17yrs
Maesi Blackford BKK England 3rd

Boys 16-17yrs (Heavyweight)
Robert Salvi BKK England 2nd place

Boys 18-21

Dylan Baldwin BKK Wales 1st place

Girls 18-21yrs
Alicia Bennett BKK Wales 1st place

1st Ashley Black (England) , 2nd Daniel Parsons (Wales)

1st Ashley Black (England) , 2nd Daniel Parsons (Wales)

1st Rhys Meredith (Wales), 2nd William Lawrence (Wales)

1st Rhys Meredith (Wales), 2nd William Lawrence (Wales)

1st Dylan Baldwin (Wales)

1st Dylan Baldwin (Wales)

Kata 4th Kyu+:  1st Holly Harvey (Wales), 2nd Seren Harries (Wales) , 3rd Katie Martin (Wales)

Kata 4th Kyu+: 1st Holly Harvey (Wales), 2nd Seren Harries (Wales) , 3rd Katie Martin (Wales)

[Tournament Report] GB at KWU 6th World Youth/ 2nd European Adult Championships

Fighters from the BKK, as KWU representatives, and fighters from IKK and EMAR representing a unified Team GB attending the Kyokushin World Union’s (KWU’) 6th World Youth and 2nd European Adult Championships in Varna, Bulgaria on the 7th-9th December 2018.

This was a landmark occasion for the BKK in taking U16 competitors to a contact-based tournament, and we’re pretty sure the handful of parents that travelled with the team were more nervous than the squad.

The adult team provided high hopes of podiums with experience and consistency at European level with Luke Baldwin, Emma Markwell and Hayley-Beth Rowlands flying the flag.

3 days of tournament fighting with over 700 competitors saw very high-levels at all ages.

line up.jpg

Our U18 team all had tough first round draws which was to be expected at such a prestigious championships; Ashley Black’s first taste at World level drew a strong fighter from Armenia, Mia Morgan’s opponent from Poland, Russian’s for Holly Harvey and Charlie Denton, Luke Sabey’s dream draw from Japan, and Rhys Meredith making it all the way through to the quarter finals beating opponents from Belarus and Romania, missing out on a semi final place to the eventual winner from Russia. IKK GB representatives Callum and Harry had tough draws from Bulgaria and Kazakhstan respectively.

With relative inexperience amongst our U18s at such a high standard of competition, all without exception showed determination and spirit on the mats, and conducted themselves commendably off the mats, representing the country and BKK proudly.

The Adult tournament was equally tough, and although pitched at European level, categories saw multiple World Champions on display vying for the KWU European title in only its second edition of the championships.

Luke Baldwin was drawn against former British Open champion and current KWU World Champion, Drodz from Russia who Luke had previously fought at K2 in Crawley. An improved performance from Luke but ultimately Drodz proved too powerful over 2 mins.

Emma Markwell looked strong, and full of conviction on her way to the semi finals where she met and took the fight to Shemina, her Russian opponent she’d fought earlier in the year at the IFK European Tournament in Armenia. Emma put Shemina on the back foot early in the round with combinations, and strong body and low kicks, keeping her off balance. It was clear the early onslaught and aggresion took Shemina by surprise, but she did enough to rally and bring about a draw going into the first extension.

Both looked to take mat centre at the start of the second round; strong chest punches and knees from Shemina saw Emma increase her own punch count and knee combinations as well continuing to deliver heavy low kicks unbalancing her opponent on a number of occasions. As the fight headed into final third, Emma increased her pace forcing Shemina to match her. Fighting to hold the centre of the mat, both fighters matched each other, although Emma’s low kicks clearly causing damage on her opponent.

With both fighters ready for a second extension and encho-sen, three judges unexpectedly raised flags for the Russian. Delight for Shemina who’s leg was visibly damaged after the fight, it was a solid but disappointing and nevertheless solid bronze medal performance for Emma.

Hayley-Beth Rowlands reached her first career major tournament final, with stoppages by punches and ushiro geri, and a commanding semi-final flags decision against Ukraine and Russia fighters respectively, setting up the final against Tsakiri of Greece.

Any signs of nerves were gone early in the fight as Hayley set about stemming her opponent’s aggressive start with stiff punches and hard leg kicks of her own. With a high-pace style of fighting, Hayley took control using angles to keep Tsakiri off balance, throwing direct and hook punches coupled with chudan mawashis and hizas to wear her opponent down. An attempted ushiro mawashi geri came close to connecting but for her loss of balance.

As much as Tsakiri tried to counter attack, Hayley was the clear aggressor in ascendance not giving her opponent any space or time to work. She was able to use her technical and strength superiority to continually move forwards, driving the Greek out of bounds in the final seconds of the round.

A unanimous decision after 3 mins meant Hayley deservedly became the -50kg KWU European Champion, and award for Best Female Technician.

hayley podium.jpg
Emma podium.jpg

Team GB (BKK) announced for KWU World Youth (U18) Tournament, and Adult European Tournament

Youth and experience combine for Great Britain at the KWU Kyokushin European Championship among men, women and seniors in weight categories, and 6th KWU Open Kyokushin Youth World Championship (kumite) in weight categories which are going to be held in Bulgaria, Varna, on December 6th – 10th, 2018.

Solid tournament performances and consistency sees the following fighters get their chance to represent Great Britain for the KWU’s year-ending showpieces.

Good luck to all. OSU!

GB U18 Team

Luke Davies (Cadet) - Mountain Ash

Sophie Hobbs (Cadet) - Mountain Ash

Ashley Black - Crawley

Charlie Denton - Crawley

Holly Harvey - Mountain Ash

Rhys Meredith - Mountain Ash

Mia Morgan - Mountain Ash

Luke Sabey - Saffron Walden

GB Adult

Luke Baldwin - Mountain Ash

Emma Markwell - Westcroft

Hayley-Beth Rowlands - Cardiff

British Open 2018 Fighters Preview

The BKK is set to host its 42nd British Open on Saturday 6th October 2018 at K2, Crawley in what will be an absolute hotbed of Kyokushin fighting elite and talent.

k2 website post 1200x628.png

Year on year we see an increase in standard at our championships, presently there are 23 organisations from 22 countries participating in this years 42nd edition of the British Open. Here we look at some of the potential favourites and also at our BKK entries in the Cup of Europe Open categories.

Mens Lightweight

Current champion and Spanish favourite Dani Redondo is looking to take his third Crown but will have some stiff opposition with some very strong Russians including last years runner up Anton Adushkevich from Gazprom team and KWU Varna Cup Champion Maksim Voitov. Also look out for Lithuanian Champion Jonas Enimontas.

Mens Middleweight

Russia will once again have a big say in where the crown goes this year with KWU World Champions Alexandre Drozd and Victor Belyaev both vying for the title but there is some great opposition from around the globe with both last years 3rd place winners crowd favourite Clai Henry from the USA, and Zsolt Zsiga of Hungary looking to go one further and make the final. Also look out for Romanian kicker Catalin Mocanu who should excite with his fast aggressive style.

Mens Heavyweight

2018 Champ Aleksandr Karshigeev  also looks for a 3rd crown but teammate Vitalii Ishakneli will want to add to his IFK World and European titles. With some many good heavyweights its hard to pick only a few favourites but look out for Euro champs JP Jacquot of France and Eventas Guzaukas. Also we have two top fighters doing it for the over 40’s with former World Champion Samson Muripo coming all the way from Zimbabwe and multi time Euro champ Pablo Estensoro Spain


Womens LW

As Womens events go from strength to strength six time Champion Emma Markwell will look at this division and see it packed with depth. Her opponent last year Teona gazdeliani is back as a KWU World Champion, IFK World Champs runner up Rima Artemova also wants to avenge her 2014 loss to Markwell. WKO new European golden girl Skaiste Venckute will hope her high workrate can take her far and hard punching Alina Polishchuk of Russia will fancy her chances of gold. Can last years semi finalist Hayley Beth Rowlands  push for a higher ranking this year.


Womens HW

Another division packed with quality and who can pick a winner from KWU and IFK World Champion Agata Winiarska, KWU World Champion Maria Papdopoulou, Svetlana Tuchkova former IFK World Champion, Marta Lubos Poland and Sara Hagge Sweden both European Champions.

With such a packed field, we are looking at one of the most exciting tournaments to date.

Severn Challenge 2018 - Results

Mia Morgan (BKK Wales) performing Kanku Dai

Mia Morgan (BKK Wales) performing Kanku Dai

The Severn Challenge was held on the 8th September 2018 and hosted by BKK Wales, with competitors from BKK England, BKK Wales, IFK Ireland, IKK England and WKK Wales.

A big thank you to all those that attended, in what was a very successful tournament.


Results Page - Severn Challenge 2018-page-001.jpg
High Grade Kata finalists (L-R): Mia Morgan BKK Wales (2nd place), Chloe Slocombe BKK England (3rd place), Luke Davies BKK Wales (1st place)

High Grade Kata finalists (L-R): Mia Morgan BKK Wales (2nd place), Chloe Slocombe BKK England (3rd place), Luke Davies BKK Wales (1st place)

Team England (L-R): Shihan Sunil Tailor, Charlotte Raisen, Ashley Black, Charlie Denton, Bradley Rowlinson, Callum Breward, Brandon Wise, Luke Sabey, Jude Ibrahim, Nikhil Patel, Charlie Watson, Chloe Slocombe, Leon Tailor, Mia Hawkins, James Baker, Evanya Tailor, Sensei Wai Cheung   

Team England (L-R): Shihan Sunil Tailor, Charlotte Raisen, Ashley Black, Charlie Denton, Bradley Rowlinson, Callum Breward, Brandon Wise, Luke Sabey, Jude Ibrahim, Nikhil Patel, Charlie Watson, Chloe Slocombe, Leon Tailor, Mia Hawkins, James Baker, Evanya Tailor, Sensei Wai Cheung


Team Wales

Team Wales


English Open 2018 results

The BKK held a successful English Open 2018 on the 13th May for UK and Ireland based organisations, which included categories for Open Adult, Novice, Cadet and, for the first time in BKK history, Junior IFK Kyokushin rules fighting.

Jim Barton (BKK Verwood) dropping a well timed jodan mawashi geri

Jim Barton (BKK Verwood) dropping a well timed jodan mawashi geri

Luke Baldwin (BKK Mountain Ash, and Team GB) on his way to the 2018 English Open Middleweight Title

Luke Baldwin (BKK Mountain Ash, and Team GB) on his way to the 2018 English Open Middleweight Title

Results Page - English Open 2018 Open and Novice-page-001.jpg
Results Page - English Open 2018 Vet and Cadet-page-001.jpg
Results Page - English Open 2018 Junior IFK Rules-page-001.jpg
Results Page - English Open 2018 Junior IFK Rules-page-002.jpg

Team GB announced for IFK European 2018 tournament

The adult and U18 GB Knockdown Team has been announced for the IFK European tournament, held in Armenia on the 7th and 8th April.

(clockwise): Gab Barbu, Blake Collins, Emma Markwell, Jaime-May Rowlands, Beth Salvi, Luke Baldwin, Hayley-Beth Rowlands

(clockwise): Gab Barbu, Blake Collins, Emma Markwell, Jaime-May Rowlands, Beth Salvi, Luke Baldwin, Hayley-Beth Rowlands

We wish them the best as they move into the final weeks of preparation. Representing IFK Great Britain will be:

U18 Team

  • Jaime May Rowlands  U18 BKK Cwmbran
  • Bethany Salvi  U18 BKK Crawley
  • Sensei Wai Cheung Coach

Adult Team

  • Emma Markwell Lightweight BKK Westcroft
  • Hayley Beth Rowlands Lightweight BKK Cardiff
  • Blake Collins Middleweight BKK Crawley
  • Luke Baldwin Middleweight BKK Mountain Ash
  • Gabriel Barbu Heavyweight BKK Crawley
  • Sensei Kenny Jarvis Coach

New GB Knockdown Head Coach - Sensei Kenny Jarvis (3rd Dan)

Announcing the appointment of three-time British Open Champion and numerous international titles, Sensei Kenny Jarvis (3rd Dan), as new GB Knockdown Squad Head Coach with immediate effect.

We will now be looking for skills coaches for both England and Wales to backfill and support the current coaching team.

BKK Wales success at Pilatus Cup, Switzerland

Congratulations to the BKK Wales Team, coached by Sensei Chris Davies, attending this year's Pilatus Cup in Switzerland which was kata and Kyokushin Rules tournament only.

Low Grade kata (girls)

Niamh Warner 3rd


High grade kata (girls)

Mia Morgan. 1st

Seren Harries. 2nd

Holly Harvey.  3rd


High grade kata (boys)

Luke Davies. 1st

William Lawrence. 4th


Kyokushin Rules 11-13yrs (girls)

Lili Bryan. 2nd


Kyokushin Rules 11-13yrs (boys)

Rhys Meredith. 1st


Kyokushin rules 14-15 (girls)

Holly Harvey. 1st

Mia Morgan  2nd


Kyokushin Rules 14-15 (boys)

Luke Davies. 1st


Cadet L/W girls

Sophie Hobbs 2nd


Cadet H/W girls

Alicia Bennett. 1st

Diamond Cup and Scottish Open round up and results

The BKK had a busy weekend with competitors going to both the Diamond Cup in Belgium and the IKKU Scottish Open.

We had nine participants in Antwerp at the WKO event with Emma Markwell BKK securing her second diamond winning the -57kg title. In a strong field she worked her way to the final defeating Kimm Carriere from Canada in the semi.

Hayley Beth Rowlands also fought in the other semi final but lost out to the Bulgarian WKO European Champion. Its another successful step for Hayley as she works her way towards the top honours.

Also competing in the adults was Lisa Heath who made the Quarters but lost by decision to Swedish fighter Cecilia Wallin and Luke Baldwin who had a tough three rounder to the very durable Juan Carlos Auge of Spain.

The cadets had to fight with slightly different rules to what they are used to with helmets and light contact kicks to the head scoring waza ari so I don't think this suited their fighting style but it was still great experience for the three of them with Jaime May Rowlands and Jess Charsley taking joint 3rd and Luke Jones missing out to the head kick rule.

The BKK also competed in the Kata event with Janine Davies taking a credible 3rd place losing to the European Champion in the semi and Sunil Tailor missed out early on.

Meanwhile in Scotland the BKK had approximately twenty participants and they picked up lots of silverware.

We did really well in the Novice categories with gold Weronika Oleisejuk WHW , Harry Harden MLW and Dylan Baldwin MMW. Also Invictus got 2nd in MHW with Tristan Taylor and most spirited fighter Jon Joe Lawler in tough novice categories.

In the Open categories fight of the day saw MW final teammates Blake Collins and Dawid Ozga fight a tough three round battle with Collins sneaking a 3-2 decision .

Ben Watson of Westhill also deserves a mention for a very hard earned 3rd place in MHW to show he is improving all the time.

Overall the event was a tremendous success for the BKK with lots of valuable experience and we look forward to seeing them all compete at the BKK English Open in May!


Diamond Cup

WLW Emma Markwell Westcroft 1st

WLW Hayley Beth Rowlands Cardiff 3rd

CGLW Jaime May Rowlands Cwmbran 3rd

CGLW Jess Charsley Verwood 3rd

Womens Kata Janine Davies Mountain Ash 3rd


Scottish Open

MMW Blake Collins Crawley 1st

MMW Dawid Ozga Crawley 2nd

MHW Ben Watson Westhill 3rd

WHW Lyndsey Moulden Ynysybwl 2nd

NWHW Weronika Olesiejuk Melton Mowbray 1st

NMLW Harry Harden Crawley 1st

NMMW Dylan Baldwin Mountain Ash 1st

NMHW Tristan Taylor Invictus 2nd

Veterans LW Sid Moulden Mountain Ash 2nd

Veterans LW Matthew Lawler Invictus 3rd

Veterans HW Dariousz Delecta West Yorkshire 3rd

Most Spirited Fighter Jon Joe Lawler Invictus

Good luck to all BKK fighters travelling to Belgium and Scotland this weekend

It's a busy weekend for BKK karateka with students participating in both the WKO Diamond Cup in Belgium and  the IKKU Scottish Open in Glasgow.

Good luck to all competing.

 Diamond Cup

Jess Charsley – Verwood Cadet GLW

Jaime May Rowlands – Cwmbran Cadet GLW

Luke Jones – Mountain Ash Cadet BLW

Emma Markwell – Westcroft LLW

Hayley Beth Rowlands – Cardiff LLW

Lisa Marie Heath – Mountain Ash LMW

Luke Baldwin – Mountain Ash MHW

Janine Davies – Mountain Ash W Kata

Sunil Tailor – Loughborough M Kata


Scottish Open

Weronika Olesiejuk – Melton Mowbray  WNHW

Harry Harden - Crawley MNLW

Ryan Bullock - Derby - MNLW

Andis Didzus - Derby – MNLW

Adrian Bundoiu  - Milton Keynes MNMW

Dylan Baldwin - Mountain Ash MNMW

John-Joe Lawlor - Invictus MNMW

Thomas Carrington-Roberts -Derby MNMW

Tomasz Czubacki - Derby MNMW

Normunds Pumpa - Derby - MNMW

Warner Morris - Oldham MNMW

Tristan Taylor - Invictus MNHW

Nigel Grant - Melton Mowbray MNHW


Zoeleigh Moulden  - Mountain Ash  WLW

Lyndsay Moulden - Ynysybwl WHW

Blake Collins - Crawley MMW

Dawid Ozga - Crawley MMW

Sami Mehio -Hastings & Bexhill MMW

Gabriel Barbu - Crawley MHW

Sidney Moulden - Mountain Ash Vets LW

Matthew Lawlor - Invictus Vets LW

Eddie Corcoran – Milton Keynes Vets HW
Dariousz Delecta - West Yorkshire vets HW


Good luck to Team GB at the 3rd KWU World Tournament

(L-R) Shihan Graham Warden, Gabriel Barbu, Emma Markwell, Lisa-Marie Heath, Sensei Roger Styles

(L-R) Shihan Graham Warden, Gabriel Barbu, Emma Markwell, Lisa-Marie Heath, Sensei Roger Styles

gb group2.jpg

The BKK wishes Team GB the best of luck at the 3rd KWU World Tournament held over two days this weekend (8th-9th December) in Ekaterinburg, Russia.