Under 18s success at the 2nd KWU Youth European Tournament, Berlin Germany

On the 18-19th May, Ashley Black and Rhys Meredith from Crawley and Mountain Ash dojos respectively, represented the BKK as part of a unified Team GB alongside two members invited from the IKK (Callum Chapman and Harry Clemo), both regular England and GB squad training attendees.

[L-R] Back Row - Wai Cheung, Meidi Divash, Norman King, Andrew Turner, Alex Kerrigan, David Pickthall, Lia Howlett, Chris Davis

Front Row - Callum Chapman (IKK), Ashley Black, Rhys Meredith, Harry Clemo (IKK)

Both Ashley Black and Harry Clemo scored waza aris in their quarter final bouts to advance to the semi finals. Both lost out in the semi-finals to Russian national champions. There was more top level experience for Rhys Meredith and Callum Chapman who had tough bouts, and can feel pleased with their performances. Twenty seven countries took part and it was also great to have such a strong judging team from the UK.


Zahari Damyanov UK seminar #timetobeunited

On the 23rd February 2019, Sensei Zahari Damyanov, the current absolute World Champion was in London to lead an open seminar hosted by the BKK’s Sensei Hristo Lyubenov at his Ichi Geki dojo in Bounds Green, alongside BKK Chairman and IFK Secretary General, Shihan Liam Keaveney.


The seminar was attended by a number of Kyokushin groups (BKK, IFK, Kyokushin-kan, Shinkyokushin,IKO1, KWU, EMAR) all with a common goal of knowledge sharing, developing Kyokushinkai, and building strong friendships old and new.

(L-R) Shihan Liam Keaveney, Sensei Zahari Damyanov, Sensei Hristo Lyubenov

(L-R) Shihan Liam Keaveney, Sensei Zahari Damyanov, Sensei Hristo Lyubenov

Sensei Zarahi Damyanov with BKK National Coaches Sensei Kenny Jarvis, and Sensei Wai Cheung

Sensei Zarahi Damyanov with BKK National Coaches Sensei Kenny Jarvis, and Sensei Wai Cheung

#timetobeunited #kyokushinkai #karate #osu

English Open 2018 results

The BKK held a successful English Open 2018 on the 13th May for UK and Ireland based organisations, which included categories for Open Adult, Novice, Cadet and, for the first time in BKK history, Junior IFK Kyokushin rules fighting.

Jim Barton (BKK Verwood) dropping a well timed jodan mawashi geri

Jim Barton (BKK Verwood) dropping a well timed jodan mawashi geri

Luke Baldwin (BKK Mountain Ash, and Team GB) on his way to the 2018 English Open Middleweight Title

Luke Baldwin (BKK Mountain Ash, and Team GB) on his way to the 2018 English Open Middleweight Title

Results Page - English Open 2018 Open and Novice-page-001.jpg
Results Page - English Open 2018 Vet and Cadet-page-001.jpg
Results Page - English Open 2018 Junior IFK Rules-page-001.jpg
Results Page - English Open 2018 Junior IFK Rules-page-002.jpg

RESULTS: Sutani Belgium Youth and Beginners Tournament 2017

Teams England and Wales


Sensei Chris Davies (Wales coach), Maise Blackford (Eng), Luke Sabey (Eng), Luke Jones (Wales), Sophie Hobbs (Wales), Ame Sorge (Eng), Sensei Wai Cheung (Eng coach), Rob Salvi (Eng), Aaron Sheehan (Wales), Luke Davies (Wales), Max Williams (Wales), Sensei Tony White (Eng coach)


Beth Salvi (Eng), Bart Proctor (Eng), Dennis Sorokins (Eng), Jessica Charsley (Eng), Rhys Meredith (Wales), Holly Harvey (Wales), Lili Bryan (Wales), Mia Morgan (Wales)

Results from the Sutani Belgium Youth and Beginners Tournament 2017:

Team England
Bart Procter 1st
Denis Sorokins 1st
Beth Salvi 2nd
Maesi Blackford 2nd
Ame Sorge 3rd

Team Wales
Max Williams 1st
Luke Jones 2nd
Rhys Meredith 2nd
Luke Davies 2nd
Mia Morgan 3rd

They did us proud!

British Open 2017 ALL THE action replayed

The 41st British Open was streamed live on Saturday 23rd September with fighting across 2 areas.  Watch all the action below, and check out the results here


Cadets U18 Boys -68kg, +78kg (Rounds 1-4)
Cadet U18 Girls -58kg, +58kg (Round 1-4)
Open Mens-70kg (bottom draw), -80kg (Rounds 1,2, Qtr-Final, Semi-Final, Finals)
Open Womens -60kg (Rounds 1,2, Qtr-Final, Semi-Final, Finals)


Novice Mens -70kg, -80kg (Qtr, Semi, Final)
Novice Womens +60kg (Semi, Final)
Novice Men +80kg (Final)
Open Womens +60kg, (Rounds 1,2, Qtr-Final, Semi-Final, Finals)
Open Mens -70kg (top drawer), +80kg (Rounds 1,2, Qtr-Final, Semi-Final, Finals)

British Open 2017 Results

See all the action from our live streaming here

British Karate Kyokushinkai Magazine - September 2017 Edition

The popular BKK Magazine which showcases Kyokushinkai news and events from the past 12 months is now available as a free of charge download.

This year’s magazine is presented in a modern, downloadable format so you can read it on-the-go using your mobile phone or tablet device.

British Open 2017 - Spirited Fighter Award

Spirited fighter belt.jpg

This beautiful Australian leather belt has been kindly donated by long time Kyokushin student Robert Macgregor. The belt is custom hand-made for our 2017 tournament and is embossed with “Spirited Fighter” in Japanese.  

It will be awarded to a fighter at our tournament on 23rd September 2017 for determination and perseverance (not necessarily a winner).

See who can win the award at the list of British Open 2017 registered fighters at

http://www.bkk-britishopen.com/registered-fighters.html .

You can see Robert’s other hand-made leather belts by clicking here


41st British Open incorporating 9th Cup of Europe entries are open...

This iconic event is one of the most long standing knockdown tournaments in the world.
In 2016 we had over 160 participating fighters from 23 countries.  

The British Karate Kyokushinkai (BKK) invite you, and fighters from across the world  to enter our tournament.

More details can be found on our tournament website

Spectator tickets can be purchased in our ticket shop

Home fighters representing the KWU at WKO World Weight Tournament, 1st-2nd July

Emma Markwell and Hayley-Beth Rowlands, and Aneta Meskauskiene from Ireland Karate Kyokushinkai will be competing and representing the IFK/ KWU at this weekend's World Weight Tournament in Astana, Kazakhstan (1st-2nd July).


We wish them the best of luck in what will be a very competitive tournament.

The tournament official website can be found here

The draw can be found here

The 5th Youth KWU championship – RESULTS

Here are the results of the 5th KWU World Youth Open tournament 2016, Varna Bulgaria, December 3-4th 2016.

Boys 12-13 -35kg
1. Sena Ebihara (Japan)
2. Vladislav Li (Russia)
3. Ruslan Ponomarenko (Kazakhstan)
3. Lasha Kobelashvili (Georgia)

Boys 12-13 -40kg
1. Kai Takeuchi (Japan)
2. Mikhail Melnichuk (Russia)
3. Sho Kawakami (Japan)
3. Abdul Bigishiev (Russia)

Boys 12-13 -45kg
1. Ryodai Kimura (Japan)
2. Neo Ohara (Japan)
3. Hayato Tajitsu (USA)
3. Karibu Toida (Japan)

Boys 12-13 -50kg
1. Aleksandr Kudriashov (Russia)
2. Evgenii Vaseckii (Kazakhstan)
3. Pavel Akseniuk (Russia)
3. Ryota Watanabe (Japan)

Boys 12-13 -55kg
1. Andrey Kratko (Russia)
2. Vadim Gunin (Russia)
3. Stanyslav Nechipurenko (Ukraine)
3. Jinto Kuroki (Japan)

Boys 12-13 +55kg
1. Kazuma Higuchi (Japan)
2. Taisei Hasumi (Japan)
3. Sergey Ivannikov (Russia)
3. Steven Demanov (Germany)

Girls 12-13 -40kg
1. Moeka Minami (Japan)
2. Anastasiya Surgutskaya (Russia)
3. Suzuka Hirai (Japan)
3. Sona Agahayeva (Azerbaijan)

Girls 12-13 -45kg
1. Riru Goto (Japan)
2. Hifumi Saito (Japan)
3. Yuna Asai (Japan)
3. Anastasiya Horan (Ukraine)

Girls 12-13 -50kg
1. Sena Wada (Japan)
2. Marina Yamazaki (Japan)
3. Anie Suzuki (Japan)
3. Zhasmina Yancheva (Bulgaria)

Girls 12-13 +50kg
1. Anastasiia Martynova (Russia)
2. Hiyori Horie (Japan)
3. Shina Kuwahara (Japan)
3. Rumissa Magilissova (Kazakhstan)

Boys 14-15 -45kg
1. Hiroki Masuno (Japan)
2. Isse Hirota (Japan)
3. Demid Danilov (Russia)
3. Artem Goriutkin (Russia)

Boys 14-15 -50kg
1. Nikita Paraskiva (Russia)
2. Kenta Watanabe (Japan)
3. Viacheslav Filimonov (Russia)
3. Sviatoslav Chornenkuy (Ukraine)

Boys 14-15 -55kg
1. Telman Mamedov (Russia)
2. Dmitriy Zhumygin (Russia)
3. Kanato Kato (Japan)
3. Danila Nazarov (Russia)

Boys 14-15 -60kg
1. Gennadiy Popov (Russia)
2. Ramin Akberov (Russia)
3. Jaden Marcus (South Africa)
3. Gadji Kharchiev (Russia)

Boys 14-15 -65kg
1. Vladislav Shubin (Kazakhstan)
2. Dmitriy Blinov (Russia)
3. Anton Serkov (Russia)
3. Sergei Ushakov (Russa)

Boys 14-15 +65kg
1. Aleksandr Shvets (Russia)
2. Ivan Popov (Bulgaria)
3. Nikola Kyuchukov (Bulgaria)
3. Vasil Dimitrov (Bulgaria)

Girls 14-15 -45kg
1. Anastasiia Kalistratova (Russia)
2. Risa Kaneko (Japan)
3. Anastasiia Kiseleva (Russia)
3. Azumi Ogawa (Japan)

Girls 14-15 -50kg
1. Lyubov Bakina (Russia)
2. Hanna Dziatko (Belarus)
3. Maria Nishibetto (Japan)
3. Asuka Fujimaki (Japan)

Girls 14-15 -55kg
1. Anastasiia Gumennykh (Russia)
2. Mina Ishii (Japan)
3. Anastassiya Matyukhova (Kazakhstan)
3. Diana Turpova (Russia)

Girls 14-15 -60kg
1. Valeriya Tsvetova (Russia)
2. Ekaterina Yushkevich (Belarus)
3. Romi Haim (Israel)
3. Elizaveta Gromova (Russia)

Girls 14-15 +60kg
1. Elvira Ballay (Sweden)
2. Angelina Kalashnikova (Russia)
3. Dilan Kaya (Turkey)
3. Mariya Chepilova (Bulgaria)

Boys 16-17 -55kg
1. Maksim Eskov (Russia)
2. Alexey Fedorov (Russia)
3. Yelaman Mukashev (Kazakhstan)
3. Magomed Makhamaev (Russia )

Boys 16-17 -60kg
1. Vladislav Polubinskiy (Russia)
2. Egor Pimenov (Russia)
3. Yurii Rusyn (Ukraine)
3. Stanislav Nikulin (Russia)

Boys 16-17 -65kg
1. Anatolii Ten (Russia)
2. Aleksey Simonov (Russia)
3. Stoyan Ilchev (Bulgaria)
3. Khatip Ayupov (Kazakhstan)

Boys 16-17 -70kg
1. Vladimir Olekhov (Russia)
2. Lev Domashenko (Russia)
3. Ivan Dippel (Russia)
3. Vladimir Gorelov (Russia)

Boys 16-17 -75kg
1. Vyacheslav Solovyov (Russia)
2. Artur Kovalenko (Kazakhstan)
3. Severyn Paliy (Ukraine)
3. Kristiyan Stankov (Bulgaria)

Boys 16-17 +75kg
1. Pavel Shvets (Russia)
3. Aleksandr Grachev (Russia)
3. Georgi Krastev (South Africa)

Girls 16-17 -50kg
1. Monika Dimitrova (Bulgaria)
2. Fumi Nakahara (Japan)
3. Chihiro Ishii (Japan )
3. Julia Kedzierska (Poland)

Girls 16-17 -55kg
1. Valeriya Lozanova (Bulgaria)
2. Mikoto Fujimaki (Japan)
3. Anastasiia Spiridonova (Russia)
3. Anastasiia Bekicheva (Russia)

Girls 16-17 -60kg
1. Lyubomira Nikolova (Bulgaria)
2. Valeriya Ivanova (Kazakhstan)
3. Frida Agnes Westrin (Sweden)
3. Aleksandra Klus (Poland)

Girls 16-17 -65kg
1. Nataliia Pozdeeva (Russia)
2. Sara Ivanova (Bulgaria)
3. Anastasia Davidova (Russia)
3. Margarita Mikhailova (Russia)

Girls 16-17 +65kg
1. Roberta Vegerbauer (Hungary)
2. Nadezhda Kolotilo (Russia)
3. Anastasiya Kaplyukova (Russia)
3. Valeriya Krestina (Kazakhstan)

40th British Open (8th Cup of Europe) official results

A tough days fighting across all categories with worthy champions from a strong WKO contingent, and Great Britain's very own Emma Markwell, who makes it 5 British Open titles in the bag.  Congratulations to all!

click on photos to see tournament picture gallery

BKK at SENI2016 Results

Thanks to all that took part at our SENI2016 event held at the O2, on Saturday 16th July.


Results as follows:

Junior Clicker Under 150cms
1st Kobe Spinney Crawley
2nd Seren Harries Mountain Ash
3rd Sam Davies Cardiff
3rd Ashley Black Crawley

Junior Clicker Over 150cms
1st Henry Deane Cardiff
2nd Sophie Hobbs Crawley
3rd Ethan Hardwick Cwmbran
3rd Robert Salvi Crawley

Advanced Clicker Senior Women
1st Lisa Heath Mountain Ash
2nd Zoe Moulden Mountain Ash
3rd Emily Senior Dunmow
3rd Amber Morris Dunmow

Advanced Clicker Senior Men
1st Jordan Da Costa Ilford
2nd Chris Da Costa Docklands
3rd Dylan Baldwin Mountain Ash
3rd Ethan Prescott Cardiff

Junior Kata
1st Sophie Hobbs Mountain Ash
2nd Holly Davies Mountain Ash
3rd Dylan Baldwin Mountain Ash
3rd Mia Morgan Mountain Ash

Senior Kata
1st Sunil Tailor Loughbrough
2nd Andre Emmeneger IFK-Switzerland
3rd Lyndsay Moulden Ynysybwl
3rd Sophie Lee Loughbrough

Lightweight Women Knockdown
1st Emma Markwell Westcroft
2nd Zoe Moulden Mountain Ash
3rd Hayley Rowlands Cardiff
3rd Annie Jardine Cardiff

Heavyweight Women Knockdown
1st Aneta Meskauskiene IFK Ireland
2nd Samantha Williams Ynysowen
3rd Francesca Morreale Westcroft
3rd Kirsten Galatius Smith Crawley

Lightweight Men Knockdown
1st Spencer Bennett Samurai
2nd Leon Lundregan Ynysowen
3rd Phil Burchill Verwood

Middleweight Men Knockdown
1st Dawid Ozga Crawley
2nd Kelvin Tienstra IFK-Holland
3rd Luke Baldwin Mountain Ash
3rd Mahmoud Ageli Milton Keynes

Heavyweight Men Knockdown
1st Roel Noordman IFK-Holland
2nd Fredrik Johannsen Göteborgs karate kai
3rd Dave King IFK Ireland
3rd Sarunus Radvinauskas Northampton

Fastest Knockout Fredrik Johannsen Göteborgs karate kai
Most Spirited Fighter Phil Burchill Verwood