Landmark event for the BKK at the Belgian Youth Championships 2016

Over the weekend of the 12th November '16, the BKK passed a huge landmark in its history; Sensei Tony White and Chris Davies lead a team of cadets and juniors to an open Kyokushin Rules knockdown tournament in Belgium.  This is first time the BKK has allowed its junior students to compete in a contact event abroad.

Each of the juniors who competed gained a well deserved podium position. Callum Breward, Kobe Spinney and Luke Davies in particular completely dominated their categories.

Beth Salvi, fresh from winning her first cadet tournament at the British Open 2016, followed by 1st place at the Severn Challenge some 4 weeks later, competed here and gain podium in her first international abroad.

Luke Jones, off the back of a runner-up position at the Severn Challenge, claimed a good podium finish also.

The whole squad fought with spirit and determination which was reflected in the results below. For most fighters, this was their first international Kyokushin Rules tournament, and had at least 4 fights to get to their podium positions. A proud day for the BKK.

Junior Boys -42kg
Callum Breward (ENGLAND) 1st Place
Kobe Spinney Dibble (ENGLAND) 2nd Place

Junior Boys -48kg
Luke Davies (WALES) 1st Place

Junior Boys -65kg
Bart Chaisrisud (ENGLAND) 2nd Place

Junior Girls
Mia Morgan (WALES) 3rd Place

Cadet Boys (1)
Luke Jones (WALES) 3rd Place

Cadet Boys -65kg (higher grade)
Ame Sorge (ENGLAND) 2nd Place

Cadet Girls
Beth Salvi (ENGLAND) 3rd Place